Comparing/Contrasting Story of an Hour and Silk Stockings

January 18, 2007

In both the Story of an Hour and A Pair of Silk Stockings, the women are portrayed as victims. In A Pair of Silk Stockings, Mrs. Sommers falls victim to the advantages of having money. She gives into her inner desires that have been deprived for a long time and seems like a selfish person. However, you cannot really blame her for doing what she did because the ways of society had deprived her of an outside life.  In a Story of an Hour, the woman at the end of the book dies suddenly. Both women, when experiencing weird happenings, cannot really think. They seem more irrational and conflicted with decisions. However, Mrs. Sommers knew what she was doing more, when she had her money, then Mrs. Mallard did, after hearing of her husbands “death.” Mrs. Sommer’s experience was also positive and happy, while Mrs. Mallard’s experiece was painful and deadly. What are some of your thoughts of simmilarities and differences on A Story of an Hour and A Pair of Silk Stockings? I liked A Pair of Silk Stockings more because it was a more straight forward story and I like the subject matter better. Mrs. Sommers got to experience fun and a life outside of the home. Which story do you like better?

2 Responses to “Comparing/Contrasting Story of an Hour and Silk Stockings”

  1.   creback on January 18, 2007 3:42 pm

    I completely agree with you in the comparison of the two stories. You depicted each character as they are and compared them both as what they really are: victims. I personally liked A Pair of Silk Stockings more also because Mrs. Sommers well deserved what she got, and a happy ending is good for anyone.

  2.   ballerina09 on January 18, 2007 9:40 pm

    I also agree in your analysis of the two stories by Chopin. I enjoyed A Pair of Silk Stockings more because I felt that I could in a way relate to Mrs. Sommers’ feelings of temptation and society’s pressure. There are many examples in today’s world where the people around you expect you to do one thing, but your heart tells you something different. Great post!!!

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